Murata Cheerleaders Technologies

Information about Murata Cheerleaders' technologies.

Stabilization, Synchronization, Sensing and Communication

The secret of their amazing balance lies in three gyro sensors, which identify the direction that their bodies are leaning toward, and then move them in that direction. Boly alignment remains perfect, even when dancing atop the ball. This highly sophisticated system is an upgraded version of a system originally developed for the MURATA BOY and MURATA GIRL robots.

Murata Cheerleaders use gyro sensors much like those found in the electronic stability control systems of vehicles.

Each Murata Cheerleader is equipped with five ultrasonic microphones and four infrared sensors, installed in its head. Data from these sensors are shared via a wireless network, enabling each Cheerleader's position to be accurately located in real time. Relative positions are determined with a combination of ultrasonic and infrared signals, which travel at different speeds. It's the same principle as counting the seconds between a flash of lightning and the sound of thunder to determine distance.

Each Cheerleader has a communication module to relay the data to a central control system, where relative positions are processed to ensure that the Murata Cheerleaders move flawlessly without bumping into each other.

Murata Cheerleaders contain many Murata components, from sensors, capacitors and inductors to filters and much more. Read more about Murata products.