Dielectric Property

Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

A Dam for Electric Energy.  

Because they can temporarily store electric energy dielectric ceramics serve an important role as a material for manufacturing capacitors, which, in turn, are responsible for properly supplying electric energy and signals to circuits.

A material that can store energy when a voltage is applied causing electric polarization is called its dielectric property. Having especially high dielectric constant and being an excellent insulator, dielectric ceramics are widely used in capacitors. A capacitor works as a dam in an electric circuit and is the most frequently used component in circuits. Ferroelectric barium titanate-based chip multilayer ceramic capacitors are very compact have high capacitance and no lead terminals so they are suitable for surface mounting, and therefore widely used in electronic circuits. Murata has an unrivaled record in the technology and quality of its chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. Furthermore, in wireless communications, where the dielectric property of reducing the high frequency electromagnetic wavelength is applied, dielectric filters and antennas are key devices for mobile phones.

Let's take a look at the property of dielectric ceramics.
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