Piezoelectric components

Main products

SAW filters, Ultrasonic sensors, Resonators, Piezoelectric sensors, Ceramic filters, etc.

Operating results

Net sales dropped year on year as sales of SAW filters for smart phones fell due to falling prices.

Net sales (Billion yen)

FY2015 161.9Billion yen, FY2016 170.0Billion yen, FY2017 152.0Billion yen, FY2018 138.6Billion yen, FY2019 129.3Billion yen 

SAW filters


Business Opportunities

  • Emergence and expansion of new applications and communication devices for 5G
  • Increasing demand for higher frequency and smaller filters with superior composite performance


  • Intensified competition with other manufactures and entry by Chinese manufacturers into the SAW filter market
  • Potential moves by customers and component suppliers due to U.S.-China trade friction

SAW filters are an essential component for eliminating communications noise to provide a smooth experience for enjoying online content on a smart phone. Murata’s SAW filters, with state-of-theart technologies, are actively working inside various communication terminals including smart phones.

Murata has led the industry for a long time by making use of the R&D structures that can create unique technologies, and distribution channels seamlessly supporting the entire world. At present, Murata holds the largest production capacity in the industry, and has secured a global share of 50% of the SAW filter market for communications applications.

5G services with transmission speed more than 100 times faster than current 4G technologies are expected to be commercialized in earnest in 2020, raising expectations for the birth and expansion of new applications and communications devices. Increasingly smaller and higher-frequency SAW filters with superior composite performance will be a requirement. In response to these market needs, Murata will accelerate efforts to create compact products with superior features by utilizing proprietary I.H.P. technologies, TC-SAW technologies, while working to strengthen alliances in new technologies. Murata aims to contribute to the development of society and industry by working to differentiate our future product line-up from those of competitors, striving to maintain or build optimum supply structures corresponding to supplydemand balances amid a wildly fluctuating economy.