Murata Electronics Oy


Research and production of electronic components based on 3D MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) technology.

Murata Electronics Oy (former VTI Technologies Oy) is part of Murata since 2012. This unit is specialized in the research, design and production of silicon based capacitive 3D MEMS sensors: accelerometersOpen in New Window, gyroscopesOpen in New Window, combined sensorsOpen in New Window and inclinometersOpen in New Window. Main application areas are automotive, medical and demanding industrial applications. 

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Address Myllynkivenkuja 6, FI-01621 Vantaa, Finland
Tel +358 9 879 181
Fax +358 9 8791 8792


Quality and Environment

Quality Policy

It is the Policy of Murata Finland

To build invaluable partnerships with customers to create applications and products that will improve people’s safety, health and quality of life.

To develop employees so they can excel, achieve superior quality and enjoy job satisfaction.

To cooperate with partners in the supply chain and community who share the same commitment to serving our customers and society.

To investigate problems until the root cause is found, and to use our knowledge of problems and process performance to continuously improve.

To ensure excellence in technology and the execution of all activities and processes through effective quality management.

To exceed the requirements set by our customers and society through the continuous development and achievements of our employees .

EHS Policy

Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) policy determinates, how Murata Electronics Oy is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and promoting the health and safety of our employees.

  • We promote and continuously improve our EHS management system and performance by setting up and reviewing the objectives and targets.
  • We will comply with laws and regulations and ensure that we observe agreements that have been made with related bodies.
  • We have set targets to prevent Global warming by reducing the total CO2
    emissions released through our business activities.
  • We follow the waste management hierarchy: Prevention of waste, Reduce its harmfulness, Re-use, Recycling as material, Use as a source of energy, Disposal.
  • We will minimize adverse effects to human health and earth's environment that may arise from chemicals and environmentally hazardous substances contained in its products.
  • We are committed to eliminating work related accidents and creating safe and healthy working environment, by minimizing work related risks.
  • We involve employees and employee’s representatives to improve the work safety.

This policy is communicated to all our employees. The management of Murata Electronics Oy is committed to implement this EHS policy by executing an environmental and health and safety programs.