Murata’s core competencies

We will increase our collective strength by enhancing and connecting respective strengths together.

Since most of our sales are generated from products with high shares in global markets, we have opportunities to communicate with many customers in a wide range of industries, which allows us to stay ahead of and anticipate customer needs. Murata’s strengths are in our global sales network, technological development capabilities, monozukuri (manufacturing) capabilities, and supply capabilities. We will increase our collective strength by combining these elements.

Core competenciesInnovation driven by CS/ES

Murata’s mission is to “contribute to the advancement of society,” and we believe that Murata exists for this purpose. In order to realize this mission through the efforts of all employees, the values of “CS and ES” are regarded as critical aspects in our management. At Murata, CS means “to create and provide value that customers appreciate,” and ES means “each and every employee feels rewarded and continues to grow through his or her work.” We practice these values based on our desire to be a company that can realize them in our daily business.

Initiatives involving corporate culture after establishing the Murata Philosophy

Murata’s core competencies 1

Anticipation of market needs

Murata’s core competencies 2

Continuous R&D investment enabling product development and accumulation of intellectual property

Murata’s core competencies 3

Strong monozukuri capabilities enable timely supply