Murata value report

Murata Manufacturing is distributing its “Murata value report” which is an integrated profile that offers a total report of financial and non-financial information.

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. published its Environmental Report in 2002, and has been disseminating the company’s information since 2010 in the Murata Report, a brochure that combines its Company Guide, CSR Report (Corporate Social Responsibility Report) and Annual Report (Financial Data). With stakeholder dialogue being an important consideration, Murata decided to publish an “Integrated Report” from 2018 to better convey Murata’s activities to improve corporate value over the medium to long term. In addition to the growth strategies to realize the future envisioned by Murata, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activities that the company has been continuously implementing are described as resource strategies in this report.

Murata value report 2020 (PDF: 9.89MB)

Murata value report 2019 (PDF: 10.2MB)

Murata value report 2018 (PDF: 8.1MB)

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