Murata Logo

The most visible element of Murata's brand is the Murata logo which has been created in the 1940's. It is a well-known and unique symbol of Murata, telling the passionate growth story that has transformed the company from a small Kyoto-based business to a global leader in electronics components and solutions. The capital letter "R" symbolizes Murata's focus on Research and Development.

Murata's slogan "Innovator in Electronics®" shows Murata's passion to innovation. This slogan is shared by all Murata employees globally, and is a fundamental concept for building our new markets, products and business. It was conceptualized from our corporate philosophy for the 50th anniversary of Murata's foundation, symbolizing our aim to become the company that "leads the way in innovation in the electronics industry. 

Each one of us is also required to be an "Innovator" by improving his/her own work To be an "Innovator" also means seriously thinking about how we can contribute to the advancement of our society and environment, and to act upon such thinking.

Under the slogan "Innovator in Electronics®, " we at Murata will contribute to society through providing unique products and technologies accommodating the varying needs of the time.