Murata’s core competencies 2

Murata’s core competencies 2

Continuous R&D investment enabling new product development and accumulation of intellectual property

Murata has built an integrated system of production from raw materials to finished products, and we have been independently developing technologies including materials technologies and fundamental technologies,and acquiring the expertise that other companies lack. Through continuous investment in technological development, we have sought to differentiate our products, and this has become one of Murata’s core competencies.

Accumulation of intellectual property

Murata sees intellectual property strategy as a part of business and development strategies, and promotes intellectual property strategies and activities that are based on its business and development strategies. Each business division and development department has a representative and a patent leader, both of them promote intellectual property activities in cooperation with the Intellectual Property Department, those representatives and patent leaders play a central role in intellectual property activities. We also cultivate sense of intellectual property through various events such as rank-specific/professional education, workshops, and patent forums on intellectual property.

Trends in the number of parents owned by the Murata Group

The number of patents owned by Murata is increasing year by year both in Japan and in overseas. This is due to an increasing number of applications resulting from expansion in the technological field through M&As, and the inclusion of the number of patents that have been transferred. The reason for an increase in the number of foreign applications is that our ratio of overseas sales has increased, and we have been proactive in filing new foreign applications. When moving forward with foreign applications, we utilize a PCT application to ascertain appropriate countries we should file with consideration for optimizing cost effectiveness.