Our employees implement CSR efforts in the field with a high degree of awareness.

At Okayama Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereafter, Okayama Murata) , employees in the Administration Department, Production Department are brought on board to become proactive in carrying out CSR activities. Okayama Murata was established in April 1992. This year marks its 25th anniversary, making it still one of the newer manufacturing plants in the Murata Group. CSR activities allow us to contribute to the local community and fulfill our duty to humanity and the environment, and we see the activities as important means of creating a bright future for Okayama Murata.

 One important eort is creating a safe working environment in which people can feel comfortable.To raise awareness of the need to reduce overtime work and lead balanced work styles, we have officially designated every Wednesday as "Refresh Day" (no overtime day) for indirect workers. We also communicate to our direct workers that we don't let them work more than 60 hours a week. On top of this, we promote Murata's groupwide policy of "Diversity and Inclusion". At Okayama Murata, we have given great thought to and have implemented measures that reflect our commitment to making the workplace comfortable especially for women and people with disabilities.

In the area of occupational health and safety, we found that a large percentage of work-related injuries were being caused by human error, so we pursued safety management vigorously with the goal of zero accidents under the slogan, "Follow the rules every time." As part of that safety eort, we give risk simulation training to young, inexperienced workers, aiming to improve overall safety. Keeping our employees healthy is another important issue, and among the various measures we have taken is, with regard to mental health, the setting up of a counseling room for getting advice on personal troubles.
 We are also putting a lot of eort into protecting the environment. Many production facilities in the Murata Group employ compressors for compressed air. At Okayama Murata we have taken measures to reduce the supplied pressure of compressed air, thereby leading to energy savings. We are replacing all lighting fixtures with LED bulbs and working to save energy with pumps, fan, and the like, which help to limit CO2 emissions. Additionally, we are working to reduce the amount of water used in various processes and raise awareness of environmental protection within the scope of daily duties.

 At Okayama Murata we have been deepening our ties with the local community based on the ideal of "Wanting the presence of Murata to be the pride of that area." We greatly value customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction, to which we have added local satisfaction (CS, ES and LS) . Our business site and its biotope are open to the public, and our employees travel to local schools to give lessons to children on the environment and science. Also, we participate in community events. Through these endeavors, we are trying to develop relationships with local communities. Our goal at Okayama Murata is to raise the trust we have built over the last 25 years even higher and be even more open to society and the local community.