Message from the President

Within the "Murata Philosophy" that we have held up as the company's ideal since our foundation, it states that  "We contribute to the advancement of society by ... creating innovative products and solutions..." 

That expresses our strong desire to contribute to more affluent, higher quality living for everyone through our products.

For example, communication devices like smartphones have become a part of the social infrastructure, and our company's product lineup has played a part in the miniaturization and higher performance capabilities of those phones. Wearable devices and the field of IoT/IoE, which are only expected to continue to grow, also present the potential to further change society in the future.

The fields in which electronics play an active part will expand significantly and Murata is already contributing to a safer and more environmentally-friendly automotive sector. In the energy field as well, we are providing solutions to the problems of limited resources and to environmental issues, and we are supporting human health and improvements in quality of life in the healthcare and medical fields.

In addition to making a social contribution through our business, there is a need for us to deal with the many global issues that must be resolved in order to realize a sustainable society, including those related to the environment, human rights, etc. So, the electronics industry has, for example, been involved from early on towards solving the problem of mineral resources in regions of conflict, with Murata earnestly tackling these issues in cooperation with our supply chain.

Furthermore, as a company that is expanding our business around the globe, we are also placing a focus on providing work environments that are appropriate for a diversity of people, without partiality to gender or nationality, etc. We respect a diversity of backgrounds and values, we globally share the "Murata Philosophy" and the direction that we are aiming at while carrying out mutual exchange of personnel between bases both in and outside Japan, and we are implementing various measures toward offering the best value to society.

In 2015, the Japanese government introduced the Corporate Governance Code, wherein greater transparency is demanded in corporate management. Also based on the spirit of the company's Philosophy, Murata is committed to building trust as we comply with all aspects of ethics in business, and we will continue to fulfill our social responsibility in cooperation with our stakeholders.

In promoting CSR Management, our company has established a CSR Management Committee on the basis of a CSR Charter whose benchmark is that same  "Murata Philosophy" . Murata will continue to aim at  "being an open presence in our community and in society as a whole, and to remain a corporation that is worthy of trust and respect" so "that our customers know they are in good hands when they do business with Murata" . And through the activities of the CSR Management Committee, we will continuously and systematically promote CSR Management toward the sustainable development of society.

Realizing CSR by Putting Our Company Philosophy into Action

Realizing CSR by Putting Our Company Philosophy into Action

CSR-related committee organizational chart