Femtet2019 Has Been Released



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board and President:
Tsuneo Murata

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of Femtet, version 2019.


What’s New:

Analysis functionalities and GUI performance have been enhanced. 
・ Fluid : Fluid solver and its coupled analysis with thermal solver are available.
・ Stress : Output of contact force and contact area are available. Contact analysis function is improved.
・ Heat: Coupled analysis with fluid solver is available.
・ Magnetism: Magnetization analysis and calculation of motor’s Ld and Lq are available. Iron loss calculation is improved.
・ Acoustic waves: Transient analysis is available.
・ GUI: Cyclic-symmetry mesh creation and Python functions for macro are available. Drawing speed is improved.

Explore the Femtet capabilities with free-trial version. You have two choices. 
1) Free with Full Functions
You have full access to all the functionalities of Femtet Professional.
The license is valid for 60 days.

2) Free with Limited Functions
You can learn basic modeling and simulation for up to one year. 
There are limits on the functions. As there is no limit on reading the projects and results, you can use it as viewer. The license is valid through Dec 25, 2020.

Apply for the free version at https://www.muratasoftware.com/en/trial/free/



Murata Software has been supporting design engineers with Femtet since 2008. We have made continuous improvements over the years to meet the users’ latest needs.
Femtet2019 has not only added a new solver for the fluid, but also enhanced the functions of stress, heat, magnetic, and acoustic solvers.
Please see the document below for the details of the improvements and enhancements.

WhatsNEW (PDF:1.5MB)


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About Femtet



Femtet is the all-in-one CAE software based on the finite element method. Its extensive functions include 3D solid modeler and pre-/post-processors as well as 8 types of solvers (electric, magnetic, electromagnetism, mechanical stress, fluid, heat, acoustic waves, and piezoelectricity). Multiphysics between the solvers are available as well.




Prices are valid for one year per license.

Femtet Professional  US$4,990/License
CAD Translator
Femtet Academic Pack

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