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Special Feature:Healthcare and Electronics

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Listening to the Customer Murata's Focus on Healthcare Provides a Good Opportunity to Strengthen Our Relationship. Downsizing, Wireless Communication, and Ceramic Technologies from Murata Benefit Us Greatly
Promising Murata Technologies for Downsizing, Wireless Communication , and Ceramic
Worldwide Business Development and Internet-Based Solutions
Healthcare Business Will Evolve from Manufacturing Simple Measuring Devices to Providing Comprehensive Solutions
By Combining Their Abilities, Both Companies Can Help to Further Enhance Health
Murata Shock Sensor used in Omron Pedometer
Products and Markets Ring Pulse Meter
Healthcare Networks Visualize Health by Combining Sensing Technology with Communication
Vital Sign Sensor
Estimating User Fatigue Levels by Simultaneous Measurement of Multiple Vital Signs New Innovation Finding Increasing Applications
Small UV Sensor Device
A Small UV Sensor Device Capable of Measuring the Intensity of Harmful Ultraviolet Light
application note 02:Making Component Functions “Visible” and “Operable”
1. Necessity of Demo and Evaluation Kits
2. SysCube
3. SysBase
4. Active Use of SysCube and SysBase Kit
3:Low-Power Consumption Wireless Communication Module for Network-Linked Healthcare Equipment
1. Network-Linked Healthcare Equipment
2. Selection of the Short-Range Wireless Communication Method
3. Features of Bluetooth® Low Energy Technology
4. Features of the Murata Bluetooth® Low Energy Module
Profile of Researcher Terahertz (THz) Technologies, Revolutionary Sensing Technology Brought About by “Photo-induced Metallic Structure,” Is Taking a Great Leap Forward
Unexplored light: THz Waves with Excellent Transparency Has Great Potential for Use in Applications
An Essential Keyword for the Research Is “Photo-induced Metallic Structures”
Non-Destructive/Non-Contact Sensing, with Ever-Expanding Possibilities
We Plan to Realize This Technology by Overcoming the Remaining Challenges
The Japanese Craftsman The Celestial Reverberations of a Temple Bell ?a Productof the Advanced Art of Bonshou Casting
The Ohjikicho Temple Bell (Myoshinji Temple, Kyoto) The Difference a Single Hz Can Make
The Quest for an Ideal Bonshou Bell Tone ? a Sound Not Even Cutting-Edge Technologies Can Replicate
Different Times Bring a Demand for a Different Bonshou Tone
Paper Review 1:Noncontact Measurement of PhysicalProperties of Semiconductors by Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopic Ellipsometry
2:Resistance Switching Memory Characteristics of La-Doped SrTiO3 Multilayer Chip
3:Highly Coupled ZnO/Quartz Structure Surface Acoustic Wave Device with Good Temperature Characteristics
Taking Root
Yasu Division
A Major R&D Center for the Development of Production Technology, Materials, and Manufacturing Processes
MURATA BOY Technology Originating from Yasu
Regional Contribution and Greening Activities Working Closely with the Local Community
Yasu City, Shiga Pref., and Mt. Omi Fuji
Brief History of Murata Foundation of Murata Manufacturing
Murata, a Technology Company
Contributions to Academic Research
Becoming a Global Company
Murata today