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Why Murata?
How Do We Capitalize on Our Existing Technologies?

Many of Murata's products, such as capacitors and noise suppression products, are already used in the healthcare market. Although these products have penetrated the market because of their performance and reliability, more sophisticated sensor and module products cannot follow the same path. We are still a novice in understanding how these products will fit in the market. Even as a novice marketer, however, we should be able to propose new ideas to customers as an expert in the electronic market. With our expertise in sensors, modules and mobile phones, in particular, we can help healthcare become a natural part of our lifestyle. We have the potential to become a driving force for creating personal and wearable healthcare equipment through our accumulated technological skill in creating smaller, lighter and more energy efficient end products. Although healthcare is a brand new challenge for Murata, we must be able to proffer brand new ideas to our customers in the healthcare industry. By hybridizing technologies nurtured by Murata and its customers, we will be able to make healthcare technology a part of our lives.

[Ring pulse meter]

Exhibited at CEATEC JAPAN 2010 to demonstrate the combination of photoplethysmographic sensors that can measure pulse and blood oxygen conditions simultaneously, Bluetooth® low energy modules and quick-charginglithium-ion rechargeable battery modules. Since it is small, light and cordless, it can take measurements while the wearer is walking or cycling.

The Bluetooth trademark is owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc., USA.
CEATEC JAPAN is one of the largest international IT and electronic trade shows in Asia.


“Our expertise in creating smaller, lighter and more energy-saving components will become the driving force for the creation of wearable healthcare equipment.”

“It is essential to clarify ‘what we can realize' to our customers and present application examples.”

“We wish to touch people's hearts and make an impact in this field.”