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What Is Murata Lacking?
How Do We Fill the Gap?

Healthcare is becoming the center of attention in Japan and the West. People are becoming more conscious about taking care of their own health due to rising medical costs and strains on the health insurance system brought on by the aging of the population; and we need to respond to this increased awareness by establishing a personal healthcare infrastructure that allows self-health checks. While we are beginning to accumulate technologies to detect and transmit the physical data generated by the human body, and the know-how required to design small devices and modules, as a novice in this field we still need to find out how to communicate outcomes to end users, and how to create effective equipment. We need “evidence” to achieve these goals. In other words, we need backup through evaluation data and reports by third-party institutions as well as direct feedback from end users. We also need to comply with Japan's Pharmaceutical Law. We cannot indicate level of fatigue without having supportive evidence and evaluation. To this end, the development of collaborative relationships with customers and joint research with universities and public research institutions is important. There is a good chance that we will deploy this system in the West, and we should also consider China and India, where people are becoming more and more health-conscious.


The term “evidence” has strict connotations in medical and healthcare fields. At the medical sites, it is important to render a precise diagnosis by ensuring the plausibility and reliability of medical information based on clear reasoning. Healthcare products require the submission of evaluation data and research papers by multiple third-party institutions, and compliance with related legislation. Evidence is data supporting such requirements.


“Our expertise in creating smaller, lighter and more energy-saving components will become the driving force for the creation of wearable healthcare equipment.”

“It is essential to clarify ‘what we can realize' to our customers and present application examples.”

“We wish to touch people's hearts and make an impact in this field.”