Leaders' Ambitions

What Do We Need to Be an Active Player
in the Healthcare Market?

Which segments in this market can we access immediately? Well, the segment close to amusement readily comes to mind. To find new needs here, I believe it is important to present new applications that use products featuring our unique technologies. The pulse meters and wireless communication modules we demonstrated at CEATEC JAPAN 2010 are good examples.
Positioned in quite the opposite direction from amusement in the healthcare market is the medical segment. Both are similar in some respects, but each requires an entirely different business approach. In the medical field, we need to see if the required qualitylevels can be met with our current technology. Both also differ in market size. In comparison with the electronic market, the medical market is different in historical terms. Since it has been developed in close association with actual medical treatment, one has to learn to understand the special terminology and customs to be successful here. What's more, all medical activities are strictly governed by legal regulations. There are a number of challenges that must be overcome; however, Murata has already supplied general-purpose components such as capacitors and inductors to customers in this market, and we are actually beginning to approach these customers now.

[Demonstration of the ring pulse meter]

ring pulse meter
Photo from CEATEC JAPAN 2010