Listening to the Customer

Creating Values to Build "Value Creation" into Concepts

Murata Manufacturing proposed solutions based on their unique technologies keeping the completion of our product in scope throughout product development. Their innovative and intriguing proposals were well beyond what's normally expected of module suppliers. As a manufacturer that provides end products to customers, we at Maxell became very interested in continued collaboration with Murata Manufacturing. In global manufacturing scenes, we regularly deal with overseas production plants and sales partners, and doing so is not always without challenges.

Through collaboration between our two companies sharing common heritage and wavelength, we can attempt to elevate the level of completion in our product development one step further. To us, introducing our products into the world is not done only in a physical sense. Having marketed recording media like DVDs and CDs, Maxell knows that what is important to customers are actual recorded images and sounds, not recorded media.

We focus on keeping images and sounds semi-permanently, and our technology is what makes it possible. For example, the shelf life for Maxell's dry batteries is five years. This is a figure derived from measuring actual 5 year-old dry batteries. Dry battery performance rides on its use after a long period of storage, and that's the value customers see.

We believe Maxell is a "Value-Creating" manufacturer. Our key mission include reflecting customer values in our products, fulfilling features needed in various usage situations, and how much we can satisfy our customers.

Sharing Technological Dreams, Product Dedication And Common Heritage at the Base

Collaborating with Murata Manufacturing from the beginning of the product development phase, we found common elements between our two companies such as technological finesse, enthusiasm and product dedication. Under our slogan, "A brand with safety and reliability," we at Maxell are proud of product durability and our dedication to our customers. We are also avowed to keep fulfilling necessary specifications for many years to come once they are determined.

Although Maxell creating products for end customers and Murata providing module technologies to corporate customers would naturally have different targets, we have many common elements between us. It was evidenced by our collaboration to create one product as partners. Murata is a company we want to keep collaborating with. We very much look forward to the next opportunity of working together.


AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2 is a wireless recharger released by Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. This is the first product introducing Murata's wireless power transmission module and realizing wireless power supply based on a capacitive coupling method. Hitachi Maxell had already released "AIR VOLTAGE for iPhone4" in a mat/sleeve combination based on Qi standard for electromagnetic induction method, which spearheaded the wireless recharger market in Japan.

Inspired by the AIR VOLTAGE for iPhone4, interest for iPad2 wireless recharger surged, especially in business applications. However, wireless recharging under Qi standard did not work for iPad2, since iPad2 had to be recharged at 10W as opposed to 5W for iPhone4. Maxell then collaborated with Murata to introduce a capacitive coupling method with larger power transmission to realize wireless power supply. This recharges iPad2 with a sleeve/stand combination as opposed to using a recharging cable.

Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. was awarded the "Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun Award, Special Excellence Award, 2011 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards" in 2011 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards sponsored by Nikkei Inc. for this product.

Wireless recharger for iPad2 "AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2"

(Left) Wireless recharger for iPad2 "AIR VOLTAGE for iPad2"/ (Rignt) Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun Award, Special Excellence Award, 2011 Nikkei Superior Products and Services Awards

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