Providing Solutions That Contribute toward the Development of IoT

Recently, increasing attention has been directed toward the IoT related technologies, where Murata has been involved in the development of wireless communication modules, sensor devices, power supply-related products, and software programs. Always trying to be an “Innovator in Electronics,” which is Murata’s slogan, we are providing electronic devices; moreover, we are trying to provide integrated solutions that combine the strengths of these developed products. In this article, we introduce some examples of our proposed solutions and their supporting wireless communication technologies.

1. Implementation of Our Proposed Solutions: Example 1
Wireless Lighting Control System

In collaboration with lighting equipment makers, we developed a lighting control system that can adjust the intensity and color of interior light. It creates a pleasant interior space and contributes toward energy-saving lifestyles.

Most characteristic of the system is a wireless communication network connecting the gateway (base) and the light fixtures (devices) . One can change the layout of the fixtures or replace them without any constraints on wiring for network connection. The system allows free rearrangement of the fixtures.

The system is capable of adjusting the light fixtures individually or collectively in a group, which allows users to choose the appropriate brightness that serves its purpose for a space. Users can adjust the setting using their mobile devices such as tablet computers. The scheduler provides scene control, allowing automatic adjustment in response to the intensity of outdoor natural light (reducing brightness inside) , or automatically switching off the lights at the preset closing time of facilities. These functions contribute toward energy-saving lifestyles.

ソリューション導入事例 (1) 無線制御照明システム

Implementation of our proposed solutions: Example 1
Wireless lighting control system

2. Implementation of Our Proposed Solutions: Example 2
Multipoint Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

The system monitors ambient temperature and humidity of interior spaces as well as the temperature of particular equipment.

The deployment of a greater number of sensors than traditional systems allows this one to monitor even finer variation of temperature and humidity of spaces, or variation of temperature inside particular equipment. Monitored information is fed into the control system, which ensures the operation of the control equipment in an efficient operating mode.

Since all of the temperature/humidity sensors and temperature sensors are equipped with wireless communication functionality and are battery-operated, users do not need to bother wiring them; users can install the sensors wherever they like.

Implementation of our proposed solutions: Example 2
Multipoint temperature and humidity monitoring system

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