Magnetic Property


Electromagnetic Energy Conversion.

Magnetic ceramics (ferrite) are able to absorb a great deal of magnetism when placed in a magnetic field, and at Murata we utilize this property to develop ways to deal with electromagnetic interference, such as EMI suppression filters.

Ceramics with magnetic property are called ferrites. Ferrites are classified into two categories, namely hard ferrites with a permanent magnetism and soft ferrites with easier control of magnetism. Since soft ferrites can convert between electric and magnetic energies bi-directionally, we can utilize them to control the magnetic environment of electronic devices electrically. Murata applied this property of soft ferrite to noise suppression components to develop various EMI (electromagnetic interference) filters (EMIFIL®) and microwave absorbers. Murata also applied the nonreversible property of ferrite to develop products such as mobile phone isolators.

Let's take a look at the property of magnetic ceramics.
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