Piezoelectric Property


Converting Electric Signals to Oscillations.

The unique properties of piezoelectric ceramics -becoming elastic as voltage is applied and generating voltage as impact is applied -are utilized in ceramic filters and piezoelectric vibrating gyroscopes to help boost functionality in TVs and digital cameras.

Some crystals generate electrical energy when mechanical stress is applied and deform when electrical field is applied. Such behavior is called piezoelectric property. Some ceramics display extraordinary piezoelectric properties. Murata has conducted extensive research into the piezoelectric properties of ceramics to greatly enhance the performance of electronic and communications equipment. Murata offers various piezoelectric products including the CERAFIL ceramic filter, which filters necessary signals to realize superior image and sound reproduction in televisions and radios; the CERALOCK timing clock device for microcomputers; piezoelectric sound components; shock sensors; piezoelectric gyroscopes used for image stabilization in cameras and for automobile navigation systems; and ultrasonic sensors for back sonar systems.

Let's take a look at the property of piezoelectric ceramics.
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