Pyroelectric Property


Rapid Response to Temperature Change.

Pyroelectric ceramics react to minute changes in temperature as evidenced by the change in the magnitude of internal polarization, and this property is used in infra-red sensors for detecting human presence.

Pyroelectric materials generate an electrical charge in response to a slight change in thermal energy, such as exposure to infrared rays. When electrically polarized ceramics are exposed to infrared rays, the polarization structures instantaneously shift, causing the ions absorbed on the surface of the ceramics to move, resulting in generation of an electrical charge. Murata successfully applied this pyroelectric property to mass-produce pyroelectric infrared sensors that can detect human body or temperature change of distant objects. Murata's pyroelectric ceramics answer the needs of the sensor market through contact-free switches and temperature sensors.

Let's take a look at the property of pyroelectric ceramics.
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