1934 Commencement of business operations. Production of quartz crystal units.
1940 Production of radio communications equipment in a designated plant of the naval technical research center.
1953 Development of crystal impedance meter for mass production of quartz crystal units.
1964 Development and mass production of quartz crystal units for color television sets in anticipation of consumer demand.
1968 Planning of production of space communication equipment.
1977 Independent production of synthetic quartz crystal in response to the growing demand for quartz crystal units for transceivers. Research on quartz crystal temperature sensor under the sponsorship of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
1981 Development of quartz crystal temperature and pressure sensors and production of application equipment.
1987 Mass production of temperature-controlled quartz crystal oscillators for cordless and cellular telephones, and crystal oscillators facsimile machines in response to the growing popularity of telephones and facsimile machines.
1995 Establishment of Kuji Plant at Morioka Tokyo Denpa, and mass production of temperature-controlled quartz crystal units for PHS (Personal Handy phone System) mobile telephones.
1996 Development of Langasite, and production of Langasite filters for compact, high-frequency brand mobile communication devices.
2000 Certification of ISO9001
2003 Start production of crystal substrate for liquid crystal projector.
2009 Bussiness & Capital partnership with Murata Manufucturing Co.,Ltd.
2013 TEW becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.