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The Murata Science Foundation’s Research Grant Ceremony


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Chairman of the Board and President: 
Tsuneo Murata 


The Grant

The Murata Science Foundation (Chairman: Tsuneo Murata, Chairman of the Board and President, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), having decided on the recipients of its fiscal 2018 research grants, will hold a grant presentation ceremony on July 19.


Established on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Murata’s founding, the Murata Science Foundation seeks to contribute to the development of Japanese science and culture through the awarding of grants to promote research in the areas of natural sciences, in particular electronics, in addition to humanities and social sciences. This year marks the 35th awarding of the grant. 
The grant as a whole is offered through three programs: Research Grant, Academic Conference (Conference) Grant, and Grant for Overseas Research. This fiscal year, 273 separate grants were awarded, totaling ¥361 million. (Approximately $3.25 million)*
Since 2017, we have provided grants to researchers based overseas. This fiscal year we offered 20 grants (10 grants each to two universities), totaling ¥10 million.( Approximately  $90,082)*
With a particular focus on fostering the work of young researchers, the Murata Science Foundation continues to provide ongoing and high-value grants that contribute to the wide-ranging development of science and culture. This fiscal year we have provided a total contribution of 3.9 billion yen (Approximately $35.1 million) *to research. 

Breakdown of research grants for fiscal 2019



Number of grants for 2019

Amount of grants for 2019

(1000 yen)

Number of grants for 2018

Amount of grants for 2018

(1000 yen)

Research Grant

Natural sciences
106 260,000
Humanities and social sciences
35 50,000
155 308,500
Conference Grant

Natural sciences 
28 21,000 32 21,000
Humanities and social sciences
7 3,000 8 3,000
35 24,000 40 24,000
Grant for Overseas Research 

Natural sciences 
19,000 81 18,100
Humanities and social sciences
26 8,000
28 7,760
97 27,000 109 25,860
273 361,000
304 358,360

Main grant winners (Titles omitted)

Research theme
Takao Yasui

Nagoya University

Graduate School of Engineering

Associate professor

Realization of next-generation urine analysis systems for cancer monitoring

Rina Takagi


Center for Emergent Matter Science

Emergent Spintronics Research Unit

Development of new materials aimed at achieving skyrmions of a higher density 


University of Tokyo

Institute for Solid State Physics

International MegaGauss Science Laboratory

Associate professor

Development of high-frequency transmission paths with excellent noise tolerance for application in ultra-strong magnetic fields of the 1,000-tesla class

Hiroyasu Yamahara

University of Tokyo

Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems
Assistant professor

Development of spin wave electric field control technology in rare-earth iron garnet superlattices with artificial slope distortion

Koji Fujita

Kyoto University

Graduate School of Engineering


Theory formulation of indirect ferroelectricity: development and search for physical properties of stratified perovskite ferroelectric substances

Masaki Mizuguchi

Tohoku University

Institute for Materials Research

Associate professor

Establishment of a field modulation method for thermoelectric conversion based on spin and its application to thermoelectric elements

Takashi Uchino

Kobe University

Graduate School of Science

Department of Chemistry

Single-photon emission and single-exciton induced emission from ceramic materials with high melting points 

Hidetoshi Masuda

Tohoku University

Institute for Materials Research
Associate professor

Pioneering work on non-reciprocal thermal transport arising from a breakdown of symmetry within a material

Koichiro Yaji

University of Tokyo

Institute for Solid State Physics
Assistant professor

Investigation of material properties of simple-substance topological superconductors and research on their electronic characteristics

Katsuaki Tanabe

Kyoto University

Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering
Associate professor

Material engineering of semiconductor interfaces that simultaneously achieve junction formation and functional expression

Minoru Kurosawa

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Associate professor

Research on actuators for submerged microrobots utilizing solid acoustic waves

Akitoshi Nakano

Nagoya University

Graduate School of Science
Assistant professor

Research related to the structure-function relationship of new dielectric properties in stratified perovskite

Masanari Nagasaka

Institute for Molecular Science

Department of Photo-Molecular Science

Assistant professor

Operando measurement of lithium-ion batteries using soft x-ray absorption spectroscopy 

Takatoshi Oyama

Kyushu Institute of Technology

Institute of Liberal Arts

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


How are Japan’s international peace cooperation initiatives received by local societies?: An anthropological investigation of the JSDF deployment to Cambodia as a starting point

Hiroaki Sasaki
Kyoto University
Graduate School of Economics
 Analysis of sustained economic development based on a theory of optimal economic growth that considers declining population and dwindling natural resources—international comparisons based on theoretical analysis and simulations
Shohei Okamoto
Keio University
Graduate School of Economics
2nd Year of 2nd Stage of Doctoral Program
 Research on universal health coverage designed to cope with the aging population and changes in disease structure
Hideaki Sakawa Nagoya City University
Graduate School of Economics
Associate professor
 Japanese enterprises and corporate governance in global society: experimental study of the role of institutional investors
Yasuo Hirose Keio University
Faculty of Economics
Analysis of exchange rate fluctuation causes using a non-linear dynamic general equilibrium model that takes into consideration variations in uncertainty

Ceremony venue

Venue: Hotel Granvia Kyoto (Genji Ballroom) 
Time: 15:00-19:00
※Attendance by reporters on the day of the event 
Attendance by reporters on the day of the event will be allowed between 15:00 and 15:40. Reporters may come directly to the venue, with no prior notification necessary.  

Murata Science Foundation


0-1, Higashikotari 1-chome, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto Prefecture

February 5, 1985

Tsuneo Murata,

Chairman of the Board and President, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


 * Currency conversion¥111.01 to $1 (approx. rate March 31, 2019)

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