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SAW filters

Main products

SAW filters, Ultrasonic sensors, Resonators, Piezoelectric sensors, Ceramic filters, etc.

Net sales (Billion yen)

Operating results

In fiscal 2018, sales of SAW filters declined owing to a decline in sales volume of high value added products for smartphones and lowered prices. As a result, overall net sales were 138.6 billion yen (down 8.8% year- on-year).

SAW filters

SAW devices are an essential component for eliminating communications noise to provide a smooth experience for enjoying online content on a smartphone. Murata’s SAW devices, with the state-of-theart technologies, are actively working inside various communication terminals including smartphones.

Murata has continued to lead the industry for a long time by making use of the R&D structures which can create unique technologies, and distribution channels seamlessly supporting the entire world. At present, Murata holds the largest production capacity in the industry, and has secured a global share of 50% of the SAW device market for communications applications.

With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, 5G services with transmission speeds 100 times or more faster than current technologies will be fully commercialized, and the birth and expansion of new applications and communications devices is expected. With this trend, increasingly smaller and higher frequency SAW devices with superior composite performance will be a requirement. In response to this market demand, Murata will create compact products with superior features as soon as possible by utilizing proprietary I.H.P. technologies, TC-SAW technologies, advanced circuit simulation technology, etc. In addition, in terms of our future product line-up, we shall contribute to the development of society and industry by continuing efforts to differentiate our products from those of competitors and offer better products.