About this Report

Purpose of this Report and editorial policies

The purpose of the Corporate Social Responsibility section of this website is to deepen the understanding of, and to enhance communications with, all stakeholders with regard to the Murata Group's corporate social responsibility (CSR), and its endeavors in this field. The main themes of this report are the basic policies for Murata's CSR activities, targets and principal initiatives for FY2018, performance in response to these targets, and future plans. For more detailed information, case studies, environmental performance and other data, please refer to the Murata website. Environmental data by business site and the initiatives unique to each site are available in the CSR Report by business site, as posted on the Murata website. For more detailed financial data, please refer to the Investor Information section. 

Term of this report

Between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019

*Some activities taking place in or before March 2018 or in or after April 2019 are covered in the report as well.

Organizations reported on

Murata Manufacturing Group
 (Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and 92 subsidiaries inside and outside of Japan)

Future forecasts, plans and targets

In addition to past and current performance, the Corporate Social Responsibility section of this website includes future forecasts, predictions, plans and other information. Such forecasts, plans and targets are made on assumptions and judgments based on information available at the time of publication. Accordingly, the results of future operating activities and future phenomena may differ from forecasts, predictions and plans in the Corporate Social Responsibility section of this website. The understanding of readers regarding such disparities is greatly appreciated.