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The Murata Science Foundation grants a record total of 414 million yen for academic and cultural development


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President: Norio Nakajima

The Murata Science Foundation (Chairman: Tsuneo Murata, Chairman of the Board, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.), having determined the recipients of its fiscal 2020 research grants, will hold a grant presentation ceremony on July 17.
This fiscal year, 276 separate grants were awarded, totaling 414 million yen(Approximately $3.8 million)*, marking the highest grant total to date. The Foundation has also provided grants to overseas researchers since fiscal 2017, and this fiscal year we offered 10 grants to four universities, totaling 16 million yen.( Approximately $147,018)*


Established on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Murata's founding, the Murata Science Foundation seeks to contribute to the development of Japanese science and culture through the awarding of grants to promote research in the areas of natural sciences, in particular electronics, in addition to humanities and social sciences. This year marks the 36th awarding of the grants.
The grants in whole are offered in three programs: Research Grant, Conference Grant, and Grant for Overseas Research. With a special focus on fostering the work of budding young researchers, the Murata Science Foundation continues to provide ongoing and high-value grants that contribute to the wide-ranging development of science and culture. This fiscal year brings the cumulative total amount of grants provided to over 4.3 billion yen.(Approximately $39.5 million) *

Breakdown of research grants for fiscal 2020



Number of grants for 2020

Amount of grants for 2020

(1,000 yen)

Number of grants for 2019

Amount of grants for 2019

(1,000 yen)

Research Grant

Natural sciences
Humanities and social sciences
Conference Grant

Natural sciences 
28 21,000 28
Humanities and social sciences
7 3,000 7
35 24,000 35
Grant for Overseas Research 

Natural sciences 
Humanities and social sciences


Main grant winners (Titles omitted)

Research theme
Nobuyuki Matsuda
Tohoku University
School of Engineering
Department of Communications Engineering
Associate professor  Development of small single photon source for increasing the scale of quantum information processing systems
Yosuke Mizuno Yokohama National University
Faculty of Engineering
Associate professor Ultra-high performance of distributed fiber-optic sensors by introducing arbitrary waveform modulation of optical frequencies and image processing technology
Keigo Arai Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Engineering
 Assistant professor  Breaking through the shot noise limit of diamond quantum sensors
Daisuke Ishikawa Tokyo Institute of Technology
School of Materials and Chemical Technology
Department of Chemical Science and Engineering
Assistant professor
 Development of ultra-sensitive RNA detection method using a chiral plasmonic DNA thin film constructed at a low dielectric phase interface
Shinji Miwa The University of Tokyo
The Institute for Solid State Physics
 Associate professor  Study of magneto-voltage effect using topological magnetic material
Hikaru Sotome Osaka University
Graduate School of Engineering Science
Department of Materials Engineering Science
 Assistant professor  Creation of exciton diode function by quantum coherent control
Yusuke Asakura Tohoku University
The Institute of Multidisciplinary Research for Advanced Materials
 Assistant professor  Development of scalable method for fabrication of oxynitride transparent photoelectrodes
Tomoko Fujino  The University of Tokyo
Institute for Solid State Physics
 Assistant professor  Creation of highly conductive organic electronics material based on hydrogen-bonded two-dimensional oligomers
Dairoku Muramatsu Tokyo University of Science
Faculty of Science and Technology
Department of Electrical Engineering
 Assistant professor  Study of multiband biological antenna for complete battery-less human body communication environment
Takahiro Nomoto Tokyo Institute of Technology
Institute of innovative Research
 Assistant professor  Precise control of nanoparticle behavior inside tumors using ultrasonic electronics and development to innovative medical technologies
Kazumichi Yoshii
Tokushima University
Institute of Post-LED Photonics 
 Designated associate professor  Development of optical function generator that enables propagation of attosecond photoelectric field to deep inside materials
Takuya Kajitani University of Fukui
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Applied Chemistry and Biotechnology
Biochemical Laboratory
 JSPS Research Fellow PD  Development of automatic image recognition system for real-time single-cell quantitative measurement of intracellular epigenetic information
 Kenta Kuroda The University of Tokyo
The Institute for Solid State Physics
 Assistant professor  Elucidation of correlation between magnetic structure and band topology for control of topological physical properties of Weyl magnetic material
Yohei Aikawa  National Institute of Technology, Okinawa College
Information and Communication Systems Engineering
 Assistant professor  Integration of packet identification technology into a single device based on all-optical processing
Hiromasa Shimizu Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Institute of Engineering
Division of Advanced Electrical and Electronics Engineering
 Associate professor
 Specific ultra-sensitive detection of volatile organic compounds using a magnetic SPR sensor and DNA
Takashi Kitao The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Engineering
 Assistant professor  Precise synthesis and functional development of topological nanocarbons based on nanospace control
Takuma Yasuda Kyushu University
INAMORI Frontier Research Center
 Professor  Creation of new-generation light-emitting material with high-speed spin conversion as the key
Jun Kano Okayama University
Graduate School of Natural Science and Technology
 Associate professor  Development of ferroelectric device that accelerates the induction of cell differentiation
Yuko Fukase Kitasato University
School of Allied Health Sciences
Department of Health Science
 Associate professor  Study of effects of social disruption on mental health due to the spread of COVID-19 infection and verification of effective stress coping methods
Keishi Fujiyama Kobe University
Research Institute for Economics and Business Administration
 Lecturer  Profit equalization of Japanese companies
- Time series analysis and impact of relationships with business partners -
Yoshiharu Kobayashi University of Leeds
School of Politics and International Studies
 Lecturer B  How to overcome exclusionary attitudes and prejudices toward refugees: The impact of border control policy
Yuki Shimizu Waseda University
Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences
 Professor  Cultural differences in automatic judgment of other people's characters: A study using gaze behavior and brain waves as indices 
Yuki Teranishi Keio University
Faculty of Business and Commerce
 Professor  Construction of new price model based on observational evidence obtained from large-scale micro data on prices and demand at the individual product level
Lianming Zhu Osaka University
Institute of Social Economic Research
 Associate professor  Quantitative study on special economic zones and their effects
YU Jeongsoo Tohoku University
Graduate School of International Cultural Studies
 Professor  Establishment of sustainable international environmental resource policy model that will contribute to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
- Case study on international distribution of used automotive batteries -
 Daiki Kishishita Tokyo University of Science
School of Management
Department of Business Economics
 Assistant professor  Do low-income people support redistribution policies? Interaction between overconfidence and distrust


Ceremony details

Date and time: July 17 (Friday), 15:00 to 17:00
Venue: Hotel Granvia Kyoto (Genji Ballroom)
* To prevent the spread of novel coronavirus infection, the number of executives and research grant recipients in attendance will be limited, and the ceremony will be broadcast online.
* Attendance by reporters on the day of the event
Attendance by reporters on the day of the event will be permitted between 15:00 and 15:40.
Reporters may come directly to the venue, with no prior notification required.

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February 5, 1985

Chairman Tsuneo Murata
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