CSR Report 2009

CSR Report 2009
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  • Murata and People
  • Murata and the Environment
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CSR Report2009

CSR Report2009 (PDF: 75,572KB)

Contents / About This Report (PDF: 1,409KB)

Murata in Daily Life (PDF: 1,411KB)

Murata Global Network (PDF: 2,404KB)

Message from Top Management (PDF: 2,787KB)

Social and Environmental Targets and Results (PDF: 2,786KB)


CSR Management

Corporate Governance (PDF: 1,154KB)

Compliance (PDF: 1,923KB)

Risk Management (PDF: 1,925KB)

Murata and People

Customers (PDF: 4,618KB)

Employees (PDF: 7,833KB)

Shareholders and Investors (PDF: 1,884KB)

Suppliers (PDF: 1,884KB)

Society and Local Communities (PDF: 4,533KB)

Murata and the Environment

Third-Party Comments

Third-Party Comments (PDF: 3,815KB)