MURATA BOY's Capabilities

Information about MURATA BOY's capabilities.
Coming to a stop and maintaining his balance
He can stand completely still after coming to a stop.

Obstacle detection
He detects and avoids obstacles using ultrasound. 

Incline climbing
MURATA BOY can climb up a steep 25 degree incline without a running start.
Balance beam run
MURATA BOY can travel on a 2 cm wide balance beam without falling off.

Runs over an S-curve balance beam
MURATA BOY skillfully steers along a winding path maintaining excellent balance.

Magic Stick
Manipulate MURATA BOY using a controller equipped with an acceleration sensor, gyro sensor and communication module.

Why doesn’t MURATA BOY fall down? 

The secret lies in a gyro sensor located underneath his seat.
The gyro sensor detects minute movements to calculate the slanting angle of the body.
 Once the slanting angle is calculated, MURATA BOY rotates a large disc in his chest to generating force correcting the slant.
MURATA BOY performs this process repeatedly to maintain his balance and riding position.