MURATA BOY's Components

Information about MURATA BOY's components.

The gyro sensor detects minute slanting angles or turning motions of the body. 
Makes free standing and super-slow runs possible.

Measures the distance to objects by transmitting ultrasonic waves and calculating how long it takes the waves to bounce back. Detects obstacles to avoid collision.

Sensor for detecting vibration and shock. Used in a range of applications from PC hard disks to automotive airbag systems. Detects bumps and unevenness in the road.

One-chip functionality for wireless sending and receiving control signals and sensor data.

Extracts only the necessary signal, filtering out unwanted noise. Filters out interference to ensure stable operation.

Exchange the power voltage efficiently with the one battery.

Creates a reference signal for operation of the microcontroller.

Able to charge and discharge electricity repeatedly, capacitors are widely used for tasks such as stabilizing microcontrollers or power supplies, or extracting constant-frequency signals.

Stabilizes electric current and signals in wireless communication circuits and power supply circuits.

Monitors the temperature of ICs, power supply circuits, and batteries to protect the circuits from excessive current and overheating.