The 2010 model was developed as an energy-conscious concept model. Learn about his on-board components.


The 2010 model MURATA BOY is the robot incorporates energy-saving, sensor, and communications technologies, as well as components that contribute to improved environmental performance.

Low-power, high-efficiency components

Exchange the power voltage efficiently with the one battery.

Enables massive data transfers all at once with the lowest power consumption ever.

Components that contribute to conservation and efficient energy use

Helps conserve energy by sensing whether people are present and turning a switch on or off accordingly.

Wireless communication module with remarkably low power consumption. Popular in devices with restrictions on battery size, charging, and replacement, such as smart meters and healthcare devices.

New energy devices

Supports the batteries and power circuits of electronic devices for applications such as LED flash that require rapid charge and discharge at high power.

Lets you charge your device by just setting it down, with no cords required.