Leaders' Ambitions

The Current Change in Business Models is
a Real Test of Our Potential

There are further challenges to be overcome. The annual world production of consumer items such as mobile phones, PCs, TV sets reaches tens and hundreds of millions of units. Murata provides hundreds and thousands of components for each of these mass-produced appliances. This represents our best business model, and we have fostered a culture suitable for that business model. By contrast, the medical and healthcare markets have diverse requirements, but production figures that are lower by several orders of magnitude. With such low production, we need to achieve results that forge win-win relationships with our customers. This represents a transformation in our business model, which in turn makes it necessary to change our manufacturing system. We need to bridge the gap between billions and thousands, change employee values throughout the group, and develop a completely new element in our culture.
However, Murata has successfully commercialized not only general-purpose components, but also application-specific modules. I am thus convinced that we have the potential to meet the challenges of developing business in a new field.