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Easy-to-use Biometric Measurement
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Activities in the healthcare market are strictly governed by legal regulations, such Japan's Pharmaceutical Law and U.S. FDA Standards; and the commercialization of medical equipment for clinical use requires rigorous verification. Not all our customers, however, are interested in creating professional medical equipment. Some wish merely to develop simple products that show biometric data in an intuitive manner. In products where biometric measurement and other functions are included to simply provide reference information, rigorous verification is not always a requirement. Suppose a beauty care appliance or game console is to be fitted with additional features that collect biometric information such as body weight, blood pressure, percent body fat, and pulse. Such a product can be placed on the market quickly since no rigorous verification is required. The growing interest in healthcare is generating increased and diversified demand for biometric information. The challenge is how to gather such information and use it to establish a database. Here, Murata technology can make it possible to sense target parameters and collect, transmit, and store data. I am convinced that we will be successful by making good use of our technology.