Leaders' Ambitions

Sensing Technology-Based Products
with a Focus on Health Control and
Preventive Care

Most of our initial products for the healthcare market are biometric sensors. We also have products that make measurements of the living environment or improve it. These include a piezo atomizer and sensors that measure ultraviolet rays that affect beauty and health. Another product is a sensor tag with no power supply. It has been developed for use in a door opening sensor. As the master sends it a specific signal, it sends back measured data. Sensing technology could also be used to make non-invasive tests possible in order to replace conventional tests requiring blood drawing. Suppose a sensor can measure a certain parameter without the need to stick a needle into the body to obtain a specimen. If this is combined with a signal processing algorithm, then medical test that have only been available at hospital laboratories could be performed at home. Our aim is to develop an environment for home and personal healthcare.
Initially, our products offer assistance in diagnosis instead of providing medical treatment. They are designed to contribute to health control and preventive care through the use of existing Murata technology to gather biometric information spontaneously.

[An application of UV sensor technology]