Leaders' Ambitions

Healthcare Requires Greater Flexibility

Traditionally, Murata has followed the successful business model of mass-producing small electronic devices and components. In the market for consumer products, which is characterized by a strong trend of commoditization, the first priority is given to price and quantity. In the healthcare market, customization is more important, and this demands greater flexibility. Of course we will maintain our basic posture of marketing component functions here, too; however, we assume that some customers will be asking us to provide not only the componentsper se, but also the algorithms for signal processing. They might even ask us to create functional modules with special LSIs that run such algorithms. Instead of focusing on general purpose products, therefore, the development department needs to be flexible enough to fulfill any customer requirement.
We want to let customers know that we can produce not only front-end equipment components – products that have sensing capabilities and transmit and receive signals, for example, sensors, actuators, antennas, and RF components. We want to promote ourselves as a company that is capable of producing devices and modules containing such components.


Each SysCube unit integrates a Murata product, peripheral and control circuits, a wireless communication module for communication with PCs, and a power supply. This package is available together with demonstration application software to help customers directly experience the functions of the product

A SysCube-based demonstration panel

aSysCube for pyroelectric infrared sensors