Leaders' Ambitions

Our Commitment toward Exchanges between Engineers Helps Enhance Our Value Chain

We make a final decision on the extent to which we provide our technology for customers as we have discussions with them. We listen carefully to many customers to fully grasp their ideas and goals, and develop products that effectively address those ideas and goals. Having an overall picture of customer needs allows us to provide a rapid response and establish a strong value chain.
We schedule exchange meetings at which Murata engineers engage in active discussions with their customer counterparts right from the product planning phase. This allows engineers from both sides to clearly understand goals, which in turn enables them to complete products more rapidly. Of course we are praised sometimes and criticized at other times; but listening to different opinions and ideas increases our motivation to achieve customer satisfaction. On these opportunities it is important for us to promote Murata technologies by clarifying the underlying ideas. We demonstrate our products to introduce our ideas and goals. As stated above, system integration plays an important role in having our customers understand the real functionality of all our products, and I truly believe that this is an ideal way to achieve a rapid start in a new field.