Providing Solutions That Contribute toward the Development of IoT

3. Core Technology in Our Proposed Solutions for Wireless Communications (1) :
The Development of Wireless Communication Modules

New development of the IoT technologies and popularization of the concept have evidently and explosively increased the demand for the monitoring, measuring, controlling, sensing, etc. of objects of interest. To satisfy this demand, we consider it important to develop not only devices such as sensor elements and power supply-related components but also wireless communication modules concurrently. We want to realize various kinds of functions and to deal with various kinds of data; therefore, we need to choose the most appropriate means of communications that suit the intended operating methods. For example, Wi-Fi® communication is suitable for handling a great volume of data in wireless communications, whereas mesh communication is suitable for large coverage, by which users can control a great number of terminals. We believe that providing the most suitable means of wireless communications that match the demand is Murata’s mission.

4. Core Technology in Our Proposed Solutions for Wireless Communications (2) :
Communication Quality Assessment Technology

Murata has provided wireless communication modules thus far primarily for the markets of mobile terminals, home appliances, and automotive electronic components. Accumulated engineering and manufacturing technologies in the miniaturization and height reduction of the devices as well as the RF circuit engineering and evaluation technologies have been applied to reinforce our strategy to expand our product lineup for wireless communication modules.

For the application in IoT, the modules must consume less electricity, facilitate network construction, and provide stable communication quality. Murata has been making efforts to develop hardware as well as software to accomplish these goals. Among these efforts, the assessment of communication quality is especially important; for that, we create an actual network connecting more than 100 modules for assessment, from which results have been fed back to product development.

An example of communication quality assessment.

An example of communication quality assessment.

An example of Murata’s product lineup for wireless communication modules

Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® BLE 2.4GHz Mesh Sub GHz Hostless

Wi-Fi® Bluetooth® BLE 2.4 GHz Mesh Sub GHz Hostless Wi-Fi®
Frequency 2.4/5GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 2.4GHz 900MHz 2.4/5GHz
Modulation DSSS
Speed 54Mbps or higher 3Mbps 1Mbps 250kbps 10-400kbps 54Mbps or higher
Distance ※1 10-20m 10-20m 10-20m 15-30m 50-100s m 10-20m
Network topology P2P,Star P2P,Star P2P,Star P2P,Star,
Feature High Throughput Voice Low power consumption Mesh network Low power mesh network High

※1. Actual communication distance may vary with the conditions of communication.

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