Murata value report 2019

  • About Murata
  • Murata's business model
  • Growth strategies
  • Management strategies
  • Resouce strategies
  • Financial information
  • Company data
  • One Year at Murata
Murata provides [Murata value report] that incorporates Corporate Profile and CSR report. Please read through it.

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Murata Icon X Management strategies

39 Corporate governance (PDF: 94.0KB)

43 Executives (PDF: 825KB)

45 Interview with Outside Directors (PDF: 269KB)

47 Risk management (PDF: 42.0KB)

48 Compliance (PDF: 41.4KB)

Murata Icon X Resource strategies

49 Technologies (PDF: 107KB)

51 Human resources (PDF: 681KB)

55 Environment (PDF: 72.1KB)

58 Partnerships (PDF: 246KB)

Murata Icon X Financial information

Murata Icon X Company data

66 Company data (PDF: 113KB)

Murata Icon X One year at Murata

67 One year at Murata (PDF: 448KB)