Contributing to society and local communities

Murata’s basic policy concerning activities that contribute to society and local communities

Murata aspires to be a company whose presence in local communities is a source of pride and joy to those communities. Making effective use of its resources (employees, expertise, facilities, and funds), Murata works consistently to contribute to society and to the local communities with which we are involved.

Commitment to society
Murata is deeply concerned with social issues, and we will use our unique strengths in activities that contribute to society.

Commitment to local communities
Seeking to be a source of pride to the communities with which we are involved, Murata will fulfill its roles and responsibilities in accordance with the specific needs and characteristics of each community.

Commitment to employees
We will value our employees’ ideas and their participation, and we will encourage and support each of our employees in actively seeking to establish connections with society and their local community.

Working towards the realization of harmony among people, organizations, and society

Based on the above basic policy, we are particularly working to support the education of children, who carry our hopes for the future, conserve the environment, and engage in activities to support communities, in order to achieve harmony among people, organizations, and society, which is one of the three issues referred to in Mid-term Direction 2021.
A lecture on demand at an elementary school
Murata employees visiting an elementary school to conduct a class

Activities that help to nurture the children who will forge the future

Murata’s engineers support our activities as a manufacturing company, and in order to communicate an understanding of the work that engineers perform and the attractiveness of their role to young people, Murata holds science classes and lectures on demand for elementary and junior high school students both in Japan and in countries including the US, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. At affiliated companies in Japan and overseas, we work continuously to offer an overview of the mechanisms incorporated in our bicycle-riding robot Murata Boy and a glimpse into the nature of the development stage, hold electrical engineering classes, and conduct environmental education designed to increase awareness of the need to protect our environment. In fiscal 2018, we held a total of 108 science classes and lectures on demand. Also, we conducted 128 factory observations and work experience placements. These activities will be ongoing as we seek to realize our goal of being a company that inspires dreams and aspirations in the children who will forge our future.


Example: Visiting lectures by Murata Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.
Murata Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. conducted visiting lectures for grade 5 and 6 primary school students at two schools in the state of Perak.

Science class conducted for 33 students
at Belanja Parit Primary School

Music box-making workshop conducted for
31 students at Seri Iskandar Primary School


Example: Commencement of experiential programming visiting lectures

Experiential programming visiting lecture
at a primary school


Since 2006, Murata has conducted visiting lectures for children, who carry our hopes for the future, for the purpose of sharing the appeal of working as an engineer that supports manufacturing. Furthermore, we commenced the experiential visiting lectures “Move, teacher Robot!!” for the upper grades of Japanese primary schools in order to foster logical thinking ahead of the programming classes becoming compulsory in 2020. Through these visiting lectures, we are contributing to the acquisition of programming thinking skills (the ability to think logically), which is an aim of the primary school curriculum.

The biotope at Okayama Murata Manufacturing

Greenification activities that harmonize with culture and nature in regional areas

Murata has formulated a Green Basic Policy which establishes the creation, maintenance, and development of “cultural environments” in regional areas as one of our corporate social responsibilities. Based on this policy, we are conducting greenification activities at each of our worksites that harmonize with the culture and nature of the local region. Every season, we open our workplaces and welcome visits from local people. In fiscal 2018, we opened up our worksites a total of 81 times.
In addition, with support from local residents, we are also working to conserve ecosystems through initiatives such as “Murata Forest” activities, in which our employees are involved in forest conservation efforts. In fiscal 2018, we conducted these activities 21 times.

Activities to support local communities

At our bases both in Japan and overseas, Murata provides support for local communities that fits their specific needs and characteristics.
In China and Southeast Asia, our activities include donating to institutions such as nursing homes and orphanages, and providing scholarships to schools that train engineers. In Britain, we are involved in food drives, and in the US, toy drives. We raise rhododendrons at our Yasu and Yokkaichi worksites, roses at Fukui Murata Manufacturing and Komatsu Murata Manufacturing, and cherry trees and azaleas at other bases. When the plants and trees that we cultivate are flowering, we open our facilities to visits from the public, and large numbers of local residents come to enjoy them.
Our Headquarters has sponsored and provided support for the Wakaba Cup All Japan School Children’s Badminton Tournament held annually in Nagaokakyo city, Kyoto (the home of our Headquarters), since 1992. In addition, we have sponsored the Kyoto High Schools General Culture Festival of Excellence Forum – A High School Traditional Culture Festival for creating, interrelating, and bequeathing since 2008. The establishment of the Murata Prize for this event encourages club activities by high school students who demonstrate top-class performances in each field. We are also engaged in ongoing support activities that involve us in the local community at other bases, including community cleanup activities and blood donation.

In addition to these, when major disasters occur, we support the community through activities such as providing donations to assist in the recovery of the region and help everyone affected by the disaster.

Example: Multicultural support at Izumo Murata Manufacturing

At present, there are 4,698 non-Japanese people living in Izumo City (a 2.4-fold increase over five years) partly due to an increasing number of due to an increasing number of, for example, Brazilian workers of Japanese descent at Izumo in recent years. We donated equipment such as student desks, chairs, and printers to the Intensive Basic Japanese Classes held by the Izumo Board of Education in order to support the Japanese language education of the children of these workers.

Academic support activities

The Murata Science Foundation was established in 1985, based on our desire to serve the advancement of science and technology through the promotion of academic research. The Foundation provides financial aid for research that contributes to the improvement and development of science and technology and research in the humanities and social sciences that contributes to the resolutions of a variety of issues. It also promotes international exchange among researchers. Also, in fiscal 2017, we commenced grants for universities outside of Japan.

In fiscal 2018, the Murata Science Foundation provided a total of ¥358 million in Japan in the form of 154 research project grants, 40 study group grants, and 105 overseas dispatch assistance grants, as well as ¥10 million outside of Japan in the form of 20 research grants. Since its establishment, the Foundation has provided a total of ¥3.50 billion in grant aid.

The 34th Murata Research Grant Presentation Ceremony on 20 July, 2018