Murata Manufacturing Group steps up measures to help reduce electric power consumption this summer



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/ Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Starting in July, the Murata Manufacturing Group will be tackling more aggressively a variety of power-saving measures aimed at holding down electric power consumption during the coming summer months.

The Group's plants and divisions have already been working hard to conserve energy by introducing high-efficiency equipment and co-generation systems, for instance, but Murata will now embark on the implementation of in-depth power-saving measures and endeavor to hold down the maximum levels of electric power consumed on weekdays while still striving to ensure a stable supply of products.


Activities undertaken in offices

  • Extended participation in "Cool Biz" campaign (a government campaign encouraging people to wear lighter clothes and companies to set their air conditioners to 28°C, etc.) (May to October)
  • Extinguishing of decorative lighting fixtures (Starting in May)
  • Rigorously ensuring that every workplace makes it a rule to adjust the brightness levels of its lights and selects a portion of the total fixtures to be kept off even during working hours and lights to be kept extinguished while they are not needed
  • Rigorously ensuring that the rule to keep the settings of the air conditioner systems at 28°C is observed
  • Shutdown or intermittent operation of the air conditioning systems
  • Maintenance of infrastructure facilities aimed at improving energy efficiency
  • OFF setting for the circuit breakers of production equipment while in the standby status
  • Provision of support for energy conservation in office automation equipment.

Activities involving energy conversion

  • Holding down the levels of electric power consumed by turbo refrigerating machines by operating gas absorption chillers (Yasu Division, Fukui Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.)
  • Shutdown of turbo refrigerating machines by operating "Gene-Link" machines which are double-effect direct-fired chillers (Yokaichi Plant)

Activities relating to the transfer of holiday schedules (planned)

  • In some of the company's plants and divisions, two or three weekdays will be taken off every week during the summer months, and following the summer, those days that are normally considered days off will become workdays.

Activities based on introduction of in-house electric power generators

  • These power generators will contribute to reducing peak power demand (Tome Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.) .

Activities prompted by introduction of 'daylight saving time'

  • Operations will be moved forward by one (1) hour and carried out from 08: 00 to 16: 30 between July 1 and September 22. (Oyama Plant of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd)

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