Exhibition at CEATEC JAPAN 2012

Exhibition at CEATEC JAPAN 2012


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will be exhibiting its products and technologies at "CEATEC JAPAN 2012" to be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture.



Exhibition dates: October 2 (Tuesday) to October 6 (Saturday) , 10: 00am to 5: 00pm.
Note: October 2 is the Special Invitational Day and the exhibition is closed to the general public.
Venue: Makuhari Messe
URL: https://www.murata.com/pr/global/ceatec2012
Murata booth No. : 8Hall 8F87


The theme for Murata's booth this year is "Smart Community, Smart Personal Network. " Murata's exhibit will feature proposals for system solutions that integrate various technologies such as sensing and wireless network technologies along with actual examples of development collaborations.

In the "Smart Community" zone of our booth, we will introduce products and technologies that enable a comfortable eco-friendly lifestyle and community at home and in the office. The "Smart Personal Network" zone will introduce products and technologies that contribute to the size reduction and higher functionality of appliances such as smartphones, tablet computers, and healthcare devices. We will also feature technologies used to produce high-precision sensors as well as miniaturized monolithic ceramic capacitors with large capacitance.

In addition to presentations introducing the main products and technologies of each zone, we will stage demonstrations of our bicycle-type robot "MURATA BOY" and the upgraded electric walking-assist car.

Outline of exhibited items


We will be introducing products and technologies that contribute to comfortable lifestyles, for example wireless communications modules that provide networking support for various devices (such as our Sub-GHz (920 MHz) module) and communication gateways for controlling multi protocols.

Exhibition highlights

  • Wireless Connectivity Module
  • Home Gateway


We will introduce products and technologies that contribute to office ecology, like a wireless lighting control system that saves power through individual control of lighting in the office space as required and energy-harvesting batteryless remote control.

Exhibition highlights

  • Wireless lighting control system
  • Sensor Network System with Energy Harvesting Device
  • Capacitive Coupling Wireless Power Transmission Module
  • DC-DC Converter for HVDC

Smartphones and tablet computers

We will introduce the products and technologies that contribute to size reduction and higher functionality of smartphones and tablet computers, such as a sensor that enables control operations by detecting motion without the user having to touch the touch panel, and a compact and high-performance wireless communication module.

Exhibition highlights

  • Optical Interface as Ambient Light, Proximity and Motion Sensor
  • BT/Wi-Fi Combo/Multi-Channel Power Management Module (component embedded PCB technology)


Products and technologies will be introduced that make healthcare more accessible, for example a wireless communication module that can manage a life log by sending measured biometric data to a smartphone.

Exhibition highlights

  • Clear Piezo Film+Bluetooth® SMART module
    Note: Application example that uses a high-transparency organic film with piezoelectric characteristics and a wireless communication module.
    The high-transparency organic piezoelectric film is affixed to the soles of shoes and senses shifting of the center of gravity. This data is then sent to a smartphone to monitor walking conditions.


Technologies will be introduced that make it possible to manufacture miniaturized monolithic ceramic capacitors with large capacitance as well as conductive polymer electrolytic capacitors and electrical double-layer capacitors. We will also introduce high-precision MEMS sensors and the technology to manufacture MEMS sensors.

Exhibition highlights

  • 0.25mm x 0.125mm size monolithic ceramic capacitors
  • Gyroscopes


Demonstrations will focus on how hand motion is detected to operate our bicycle-type robot "MURATA BOY. " There will also be a demonstration of our upgraded electric walking-assist car.

Exhibition highlights

  • Electric walking assist car
    Note: Walker with an electric assist function that applies the "fall prevention (maintaining balance) " technology incorporated in MURATA BOY and MURATA GIRL. We will demonstrate this assist function when the assist car is pushed for walking. The power of the motor installed in each wheel of this assist car supports its weight when it is about to topple over. This electric walking-assist car has been upgraded since 2011 and it now moves with greater agility and can even drive on inclined surfaces.

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