Murata to provide demonstration of 920 MHz-band Sub-GHz Wireless Communication Module at the EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN 2013 trade show!



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will participate in the EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN 2013 special trade show as one of the member companies of Wi-SUN Alliance*1. Murata will exhibit and provide demonstrations of its 920 MHz-band sub-GHz wireless communication module in a joint exhibit with theNational Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) , ACCESS CO. LTD., and EDIC Systems Inc.

Background and details

Murata's 920 MHz-band sub-GHz wireless communication module is intended for mutual connectivity between devices installed in a smart house and smart building. Murata supports the lower-layer protocol defined by Wi-SUN Alliance. Furthermore, the company's wireless communication module has been designed with consideration for scalability to enable implementation of upper-layer protocols such as 6LoWPAN*2 and IPv6*3, which are necessary for smart houses and smart buildings.

Murata has acquired the certificate of conformance to technical standards*4 for the 920 MHz band used by the wireless communication module. We can therefore propose a solution for simplifying the application of wireless systems for devices that were previously not equipped with a wireless communication function.

Our wireless communication module also features a compact size and low profile, and achieves lower power consumption by optimizing the circuit design, enabling it to contribute to higher flexibility in designing customers' devices and lower power consumption for wireless communications.

At EXPO COMM WIRELESS JAPAN 2013, Murata will demonstrate temperature and humidity multi-point monitoring using 920 MHz-band wireless communications by implementing 6LoWPAN and IPv6 for the upper-layer protocol in addition to assuring mutual connectivity in the lower layer of IEEE802.15.4g and IEEE802.15.4e promoted by Wi-SUN Alliance.

Future prospects

Murata is moving ahead with preparations for mass production of this wireless module, as well as development of more products for the wireless sensor network market.


Period: May 29, 2013 (Wednesday) to 31 (Friday)
Location: Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall
Wi-SUN Alliance booth No. : SM-10


*1 Wi-SUN Alliance: Industrial organization for wireless communication standards established in January 2012.
*2 6LoWPAN: Acronym for IPv6 over Low power Wireless Personal Area Networks. The 6LoWPAN standards are used for performing IPv6 via low-power consumption wireless communications.
*3 IPv6: Next-generation protocol for Internet communications. IPv4 is the current mainstream protocol.
*4 Certificate of conformance to technical standards: This certificate indicates that a product conforms to the technical standards of the Radio Law in Japan.

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