Murata to Exhibit at JPCA Show 2014 (44th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition)



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata will be exhibiting its products at JPCA Show 2014 (44th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition).


JPCA Show 2014 (44th International Electronic Circuits Exhibition)

Period: June 4 (Wednesday) to 6 (Friday) 
Tokyo Big Site East Hall
Booth No. :
East 5J-17


Murata will exhibit electronic circuit design and mounting technology as well as near-field wireless communication technology and CAE software for realizing new solutions in manufacturing and distribution processes.

MAGICSTRAP® near-field wireless communication technology

Small RF Tag

Murata will exhibit small RF tag that are the world’s smallest.
The antenna and matching circuit are integrated into a multilayer substrate configuration to achieve greater compactness than conventional RFID devices and allow mounting in applications with limited space.
In addition, data can be read at close proximity without the use of a dedicated antenna.

MAGICSTRAP® RFID device with wired I2C interface

Murata will exhibit an RFID device that supports reading and writing of data via an I2C interface. 
Demonstrations will be presented of a logger module with integrated RFID device for managing log data during distribution and that incorporates sensors for detecting conditions such as temperature and mechanical impacts.

Femtet® CAE software

Murata will exhibit the company's Femtet® CAE software, which was developed in-house.
This finite element method analysis system was developed over many years through a process of incremental expansion of functions for the purpose of in-house product development. In addition to electromagnetic analysis of electric fields, magnetic fields, and electromagnetic waves, the software covers a wide area including heat conduction, voltage, and sound wave analysis. It is user-friendly and delivers an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.
Equipment will be set up at the booth to allow visitors to try out the Femtet® software for themselves in various analysis examples.

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