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Exhibition Booth at electronica China 2014


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata

Exhibition Booth at electronica China 2014


Murata (China) Investment Co., Ltd., a Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. group company, will operate a booth at the electronics components trade fair electronica China 2014 due to be held in Shanghai, China.


electronica China 2014

Period: Tuesday, March 18 to Thursday, March 20
Location: Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)
URL: http://www.electronicachina.com/en/home.html
Booth No. : W2 Building, 2100


The Murata booth will introduce visitors to our new products and solutions with leading-edge technologies in the fields of electronics.

The exhibition zone will exhibit products in markets that are attracting attention, such as mobile devices, automotive electronics, industrial electronics and IoT (Internet of Things) .

The latest Murata products and technologies related to these fields will also be introduced in the newly-established industrial electronics zone.

Mobile Devices

The Mobile Device Zone will exhibit next-generation smartphones, input devices for tablet PCs, and electronic parts such as high-frequency components, capacitors, and other electronic components.

  • Ultra-compact components
  • NFC antennas integrated into a metal cover
  • Noise suppression components
  • Components supporting 4G communications
  • Leading-edge sensors, including 3D motion detection sensors, pressure, optical interface sensors, etc.

Automotive Electronics

The Automotive Electronics Zone will showcase various electronic components that deliver advanced safety, reliability, and telematic capabilities.

  • High-reliability capacitors for use in automobiles
  • Noise suppression components for use in automobiles
  • High-precision MEMS sensors for contributing to active vehicle safety

Industrial Electronics

The newly-established industrial electronics zone introduces Murata’s latest solutions conforming to heavy machinery and factory automation, etc.

  • High-precision MEMS sensors for heavy machinery
  • Leading-edge smart components for enabling factory automation

IoT (Internet of Things)

The provision of leading-edge sensors, wireless communications modules and total solutions for smart homes, lighting and medical purposes.

  • W-LAN Smart modules for enabling smart consumer electronics
  • Low power consumption ionizer modules
  • Smart lighting solutions for enabling energy-saving levels of 63%
  • Heart rate detection module using MEMS accelerometer

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