Functional devices

Main products

Sensors, Resonators, etc.



Business Opportunities

  • Increased demand for high-performance sensors driven by growing use of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and selfdriving cars
  • Demand for multi-axis sensors that assists mounting, calibration and calculation


  • Low noise level, high sensitivity, high accuracy, robustness and reliability achieved with Murata’s unique 3D-MEMS designing and processing technologies


  • Intensified competition with competitors

Murata’s MEMS iner tial sensors use unique processing technology called 3D-MEMS technology and design technology that enable the output of precise strong signals at the component level. Integration with advanced circuit technology ensures high reliability, stability and accuracy even in a harsh environment. These features have gained trust from many customers and our products have been adopted not only in the automotive applications market but in other markets where high reliability is required, such as industrial equipment and medical devices.

In the rapidly growing automobile market, as the installation of safety features to protect lives, such as electronic stability control (ESC) and antilock braking system (ABS), becomes mandatory, our sensors are increasingly adopted for gyro sensors and acceleration sensors.

Recently, technologies have been developed globally for realization of self-driving cars. For the system to control self-driving and ensure safety, it needs to detect a wide range of information such as weather, traffic regulations and surrounding environment for decision making using various sensors. For example, it has been a challenge to accurately identify the location and the direction of a car and drive it safely in poor conditions where the Global Positioning System (GPS) is ineffective, such as in a tunnel, or where cameras or radars do not function. For that purpose, demand has been increasing for MEMS inertial sensors that can accurately measure the location, position and direction of a vehicle and enable safe driving. Murata can leverage the competitive advantage of 3D-MEMS technologies in this business domain. Murata will propose products to automobile manufactures and Tier 1 customers by quickly capturing their needs for the future.

By integrating the MEMS development technology from Murata Electronics Oy (formerly VTI Technologies) in Finland, which we acquired in 2012, and Murata’s strengths in monozukuri, we will have a system to supply advanced products. We will further develop new products and enhance supply capability in a timely manner. Murata will continue to contribute to social development by improving our technologies and produce advanced MEMS inertial sensors.