Procurement Guidelines

Procurement Policy

1. Procurement attitudes

  • Murata's buyers and procurement personnel will be respectful to suppliers, and conduct their dealings with suppliers in a fair, just, and sincere manner.
  • Murata's buyers will responsibly carry out procurement activities, practicing good manners and following the dictates of common sense.
  • Murata's buyers will maintain cordial relationships with suppliers, but have no personal, vested interest with them.
  • Murata's buyers behavior and actions will always be compliance with relevant laws, rules, and internal regulations.

2. Dealings with suppliers

  • We will evaluate and select suppliers fairly based on such rational standards as quality, price, delivery performance, steady supply, environmental conservation, financial stability, and consideration for human rights and labor safety.
  • We will not accept gifts of money or items of value from suppliers, and will make not personal requests of them.
  • We will not receive preferential treatment or entertainment from suppliers that defies social common sense.
  • We will not force suppliers to purchase Murata products.
  • If suppliers provide us with information that is specified confidential , we will strictly manage the information and maintain its confidentiality.
  • We will promote green procurement, always taking environmental protection into account.
  • We will not acquire unlisted shares of suppliers stocks, nor will we purchase suppliers’ stocks based on information undisclosed to the public.
  • In the event accidents or claims arise, we will deal with them promptly and enforce measures to prevent their recurrence.