We fulfill our responsibility to society by embodying the Murata ideals

What is the most important responsibility toward society that Murata has? It is a responsibility to people. The electronics industry is a key Japanese industry that employs large numbers of people. As a leading enterprise in the field of electronic parts, Murata considers it essential both to provide a safe, pleasant work environment for workers in manufacturing and to train personnel on an ongoing basis. Also, as an enterprise doing business globally, we have stakeholders around the world who urge us to take action that will help to solve issues facing society. At Murata, we consider such calls for action to be an opportunity for growth. We therefore engage in various eorts, while carrying out business activities, aimed at protecting the environment, supporting human rights, and ensuring compliance to fulfill our social responsibility.
 "We contribute to the advancement of society by … creating innovative products and solutions…." This key line from the Murata Philosophy provides the perspective based on which we carry out business in the four areas of Communications, Automotive Electronics, Healthcare, and Energy.


Murata's products allow manufacturers to make smartphones and tablets more compact and consume less power. Our products will also drive the building of IoT infrastructure, and eventually the IoE infrastructure of the future.

Automotive electronics

Murata develops technologies with the long-term goal of achieving fully autonomous, self-driving vehicles to make the roads safer and more secure everywhere. We also aim to contribute to the development of electric vehicles in the future that emit no carbon dioxide.


Murata's sensing technologies are used in medical equipment to help keep people healthy. In the future, we will be working to promote home healthcare enabled by network connectivity.


The zero-emissions home that incorporates high-efficiency energy management systems is already a reality. Going forward, we will work to reduce the cost of such systems, and promote their adoption through factory showrooms and other means.

Murata would like to see a safe, convenient, and abundant world of the future. Critical to this effort is the Murata Philosophy, whose spirit we share with Murata employees around the world. Implementing the management principles embodied in the philosophy will ultimately lead to resolving societal issues, we believe. Also, we plan to utilize the talents of a diverse range of individuals to engage wholeheartedly in business activities for the advancement of society as a whole.