Murata Manufacturing Company, Ltd. Yasu Division


The Yasu Division was opened in 1987 and is the Murata Group’s largest research and development hub. It is also a production center for the raw materials used in Murata products.

The Yasu Division serves as our supply base for  “products and technology.” Here, we carry out industry-leading R&D for product design, and develop new products, materials,  processes, and production engineering. We also focus on analysis and evaluation technology that supports these endeavors. 


Address 2288, Oshinohara, Yasu-shi, Shiga 520-2393 Japan
Phone/Fax 81-77-587-5111/81-77-587-5205



Access from the nearest station

20 min. by Ohmi Railway Bus from Yasu Stn. or Ohmi-Hachiman Stn. on the JR Biwako Line. Debus at the bus stop on the grounds of the office.