Message from the President

President Norio NakajimaPresident Norio Nakajima

Contributing to the Advancement of a
Sustainable Society in Order to
Become the World’s Number-One
Manufacturer of Electronic

Chairman of the CSR Management Committee
Norio Nakajima

The environment surrounding us is changing dramatically, with the emergence of numerous social issues including climate change, the depletion of resources, widening inequality, , and the spread of infectious diseases, as well as, the advent of disruptive technologies. Since many of these problems result from society’s pursuit of short-term economic growth, , the world must accelerate its transformation into a sustainable society in order to solve them.
As exemplified by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement, social changes are requiring companies to pursue not only economic value, but also integrative value in harmony with humanity and nature. We have established priority issues to be addressed by recognizing these kinds of expectations from stakeholders as opportunities for Murata to reinforce its management base and grow.
The Murata Philosophy, our founding ideal, states that “We contribute to the advancement of society by... creating innovative products and solutions” and “being trustworthy and, together with all our stakeholders, thankful for the increase in prosperity.” In line with this spirit, we will strive to contribute to social transformation and issue resolution through the unique technologies and services that we have developed, and to grow together with all our stakeholders based on highly transparent governance and corporate ethics.
Under our new framework, we will work harder than ever to fulfill our social responsibility and while becoming the world’s number-one manufacturer of electronic components and contributing to the advancement of a sustainable society. Please stay tuned for what Murata’s future has in store.