Murata Acquires Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.



Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
President/Statutory Representative Director: Tsuneo Murata


Murata Electronics North America, Inc., a full subsidiary of Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (based in Smyrna, Georgia in the U.S.), completed the acquisition of Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation (based in San Diego, California in the U.S.; hereinafter “Peregrine”) on December 12 (local time).

Background and objective

UltraCMOS®, Peregrine’s proprietary process technology, can contribute to the provision of low-cost RF components with good high-frequency characteristics, and RF switches that employ the technology have been used in Murata’s RF modules for some time. Peregrine is one of the main suppliers for Murata’s RF front-end modules, and Murata has been able to supply a range of products through its collaboration with Peregrine.

As a result of this acquisition, Murata will establish an integrated development system that encompasses all aspects from RF component semiconductor process development to semiconductor design, circuit design, and module design. This will enable Murata to reflect market requirements in product development more accurately and quickly and provide state-of-the-art products that meet customer needs to an even greater degree in a timely manner. Murata will also secure flexibility in supply and supply capacity, and this will provide benefits to customers. 

Norio Nakajima, Executive Vice President, Director of Communication Business Unit of Murata says, "Through the acquisition, Murata will establish an integrated process including development, design, production and sales for all analog front-end devices. We will surpass competitors in the industry through our ability to respond to customer needs and we will seek sustainable growth by generating synergies between the two companies." 

Corporate overview of Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.

Company name: Peregrine Semiconductor Corp.
Location: 9380 Carroll Park Drive, San Diego, CA 92121, USA
Year of establishment: 1990
Representative: James S. Cable (CEO, President and Chairman)
Capital: $33,000 (as of June 28, 2014)
Annual Sales: $202 million (for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2013)
Business description: RF module R&D, production, and sales
Number of employees: 361 (as of June 28, 2014)
Accounting closing date: December 31
Main business location: San Diego, California
Shareholder composition: Murata Electronics North America, Inc. 100%

Corporate overview of Murata Electronics North America, Inc.

Company name: Murata Electronics North America, Inc.
Location: 2200 Lake Park Drive, Smyrna, GA 30080-7604, USA
Year of establishment: 1965 
Representative: David Kirk (President & CEO)
Capital: $14 million 
Business description: Sale of the products of Murata and its affiliates
Shareholder composition: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 100%

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