About Murata Korea

Korea Murata Electronics (KME) is a Korean subsidiary of Japan's Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and operates Seoul and Suwon offices.

Murata Seoul Branch (MSB) was formerly of Murata Electronics, was established to provide sales and technical support to Korean-based manufacturers and global customers.

It was established as a branch of MMC in December 1980.After that, in January 2001, as an independent corporation, it became the current Korea Murata Electronics.

Korea Murata Electronics has been growing steadily over the past 40 years with its technological competitiveness of products based on "Monodzukuri," a symbol of Japanese manufacturing, and its ability to respond quickly to rapidly changing customer demands.

As a result, the company achieved sales of KRW 1 trillion in 2013 and has been selected as one of Fortune Korea's 500s every year since 2016, leading the electronic parts industry.

Korea Murata Electronics is focusing on internal growth as well as external growth, and is continuously expanding its investment in human resource development and development with employee satisfaction as important values.

Recently, this kind of effort was recognized by the Korea government and was awarded as the "Best HRD" for 2019. Korea Murata Electronics will step forward to discover new growth engines such as automobiles, IoT, healthcare, and the energy market with a spirit of innovation and challenge.

We will make our lives more convenient and affluent. Also we will contribute to cultural development through Murata's unique products.

About Murata Korea
Company Name Korea Murata Electronics Co.,Ltd.
Korea Sales Office
Established 2001.01
President Yoshioka Kenichi
No. of Employees 198(As of September, 2020)