Vision 2030 (long-term direction)

Murata Vision 2030

In order to respond to a drastic change in the environment and to continuously increase the corporate value, Murata established Vision 2030 as the long-term direction that gives detailed guidance as to the necessary preparations while inheriting the fundamental principles from Vision 2025.

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The value creation Murata aims for as an Innovator in Electronics

The expression “Innovator in Electronics” embodies Murata’s desire to be “a leader in innovation for the electronics industry.” By putting this idea into practice and by building solid, trusting relationships with our customers, Murata has established a global brand of capacitors and communications components.

On the other hand, as the scale of our business has grown and Murata has become a large enterprise, our impact on society is much greater than before. For Murata to proactively create value as a true Innovator in Electronics without being swallowed by the powerful tides of change going forward, it is important that we expand the scope of the value we provide from just “innovation for customers” to also include “innovation for solving social issues.” In addition, there is already a shared awareness worldwide of a transition to a sustainable society. Vision 2030 depicts where Murata wants to be, that is, how Murata can uniquely contribute to achieving the sustainability of society and our enterprise.

As a growth strategy to get where Murata wants to be, we will “deepen core businesses and promote evolution of business models” and “execute four management transformations.” With these visions, Murata will ensure the coherence of the initiatives towards 2030 to get where Murata wants to be. And in achieving that, Murata aims to be “the best choice” for customers and society as well as the global No.1 component & module supplier.

Bringing together diverse personnel from around the globe, we aim to be innovators as individuals and as an entire organization

Bringing together diverse personnel and enabling them to play an active role that takes advantage of their individuality is the key to responding flexibly to intense change and uncertainty and continually innovating. Murata honors differences such as race, nationality, religion, belief, disabilities, gender, age, place of origin, sexual orientation and respects the invisible diversity of our employees, including capabilities, knowledge, and experience. We will continue to foster a culture where all employees can use their varying experience to enhance their capabilities and demonstrate their strengths.

It is particularly important that diverse individuals help each other to improve, engage in dialogue with each other, and sympathize with the Murata Philosophy and Vision. By respecting the diversity of individuals and building trust, connections, and harmony across teams, departments, and sites, Murata can continue to be an innovator as an entire organization that solves its customers’ needs and social issues.

Vision 2030: A growth strategy to get a Murata vision